Housing for Homeless Program

Housing for Homeless Housing Program

Housing for Homeless provides a safe harbor for the homeless with over 130 properties scattered throughout Brevard County. For those who are able, our Housing for Homeless Transitional Housing Program provides homes and supportive services for homeless individuals, families with children and the elderly. The Transitional Housing Program has a maximum stay of one year, as that is considered to be a sufficient period for those who want to turn their life around and re-establish themselves in as independent living situation. The amount of rent residents pay is proportional to their income.

For applicants who are certified as permanently disabled our Housing for Homeless Permanent Housing Program offers permanent housing facilities throughout Brevard County.

Once in the Program, our Case Managers are ready and able to assist our clients in achieving their Personal Improvement Plan, which enables them to accomplish their short and long-term goals. Our staff provides motivation through constant supervision, empathy, and recognition of client’s success. In addition, clients are exposed to the wide range of social services that are available throughout Brevard County. Courses on budget management, parenting, and further education are among those available to clients who are willing to take advantage of this opportunity to turn their lives around.

The program also provides intervention services in crisis situations at critical stages with appropriate, professional resources and effective case management. Our range of services provided includes, but are not limited to:

  • Housing placement
  • Outreach, intake, and assessment
  • Comprehensive case management and on-site support services
  • Resident housing assistance
  • Access to a network of Social Service Agencies and Community Collaboration
  • Transition / follow-up

Criteria for Admission

Applicants to the Housing for Homeless Program must be homeless or about to become homeless, or they may be referred to us by one of our partner agencies. Prospective clients may apply for acceptance into the Program by completing a “Pre-Enrollment Application” either by phone or in person. An appointment will then be made with a Case Manager for an in-depth interview and assessment of needs. Placement times vary and can take up to several months. All supporting documentation must be provided prior to acceptance.

Housing Facilities

With every type of housing from single family homes to multi-unit apartment buildings and from one to three bedrooms available, Housing for Homeless is able to accommodate every type of homeless need.

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Housing for Homeless is thrilled to see one of our new clients are housed with partnering agency Eckerd Kids!